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Published in the “Revista do Hospital das Forças Armadas” (Magazine of the Hospital of the Armed Forces) - (H.F.A.) Brasília (DF) -Brazil
Edition of Out/Dec - 1987
Authors:  Dr. Hélio Grott Filho
            Dr. Júlio Grott


    The Authors present the discovery of a sign obtained with Kirlian Photos of the human beings digital pulp.
    A Kirlian Camera, Model 6ST, “Standard Newton Milhomens” was used and it was obtained the habitual pattern of image, composed basically for the colors blue, white and rose as are common in “Standard Newton Milhomens”.
    Starting from 1985, Kirliangraphy was introduced as a method of accompaniment of cases of malign neoplasia. There are differences among the normal individual's Kirlian Photos and the  individual's Kirlian Photos that suffers of malign tumors. In the individuals that have malign neoplasia a special sign was detected, corresponding to a traverse rift, of centrifugal direction to the elements of the energetic halo that was called  “fracture.”
    There are differences in the individuals' halos that present tumors of epitelial origin and in the cases of linfoma, leucosis and malign bony tumors, and the “fracture” (or “fractures”) comes in a special way. In the cases of leukemia, as its origin, doesn't also appear any “fracture”, but yes other signs that were baptized of “myriad” and “avalanche.”
    It is considered the hypothesis that those signs (“fracture”, “myriad” and “avalanche”) are bioplasmatic phenomena and they can come to demonstrate the existence of a possible  predisponent factor of the oncogenesis.
    The present study is part of a project developed since 1978, in the Military Hospital of Curitiba (PR) - 5th Military Area - Division of Army, driven to the sick ones with malign neoplasia (project IONO).
    1.100 cases were studied,  where 100 of them presented neoplasia malign proven histopathologically.
    It was observed that in the normal individuals, that didn't present malign neoplasia, the energetic halo was always, in 100% of the cases, considered as normal, presenting the colors white, pink and blue, without any “fracture”, “myriad” or “avalanche.” With the individuals carriers of malign neoplasia always appeared in the energetic halo, in 100% of the cases, the signs that were called of "fracture”, “myriad” or “avalanche”, according to the type of existent tumor.
    The alterations found in the halos of the carriers of malign neoplasias were deeply analyzed  and compared and this can be made possible as complemental exam to detect a possible predisponent factor, because we observed that, in some cases, the malign tumor only appeared about 3 months after having been made the Kirlian Photo and some of the signs above mentioned appeared. In another cases, even after the surgical retreat of the affected organ, still appeared some of the signs above mentioned, same having passed some months, after the surgery.
1.    The analysis of the material obtained by the Kirliangraphic study demonstrated that enormous differences exist among the accomplished exam in the normal individuals and in those individuals carriers of malign neoplasia. In these last ones, the presence of a sign is detected that was stipulated to call of “fracture”, for its characteristic aspect of crack (it splits traverse of centrifugal direction to the grooves of the halo).
2.    Variability of the patterns of “fracture” with the neoplasia type: - in the tumors of epitelial origin, the “fractures” are more frequent, clearer and larger (tongue carcinoma, esophagus, stomach, colon, prostate, liver, uterus, skin and central nervous system) than in the cases of linfoma, leucosis and bony tumors.
3.    The alcoholic persons’, the heart’s patients, epileptics’, the carriers of  bacterian/viral infections’ halos, in spite of having altered, in agreement with the classic outlines of Prof. Newton Milhomens Standard, they don't exhibit any likeness with the “fractures” found in the carriers of malign tumors.
4.    In the great majority of the cases, there is the possibility to be early to the histopatologic analysis, through the evidence of “fractures.” We will describe to follow 4 cases for best to exemplify and to illustrate:
a.    Patient with increase of prostatic consistency to the rectal touch. Kirliangraphy: - “fracture.” Biopsy for needle of the prostate: - Without evidences of neoplasic matterial. After 5 months, prostatectomy and pathological anatomical study of the piece: - Prostate Adenocarcinoma.
b.    Patient with clinical diagnosis of metastasic tumor located in the neck. Kirliangraphy: - It didn't show “fracture.” Biopsy of the tumor in the neck: - negative for neoplasia; the final diagnosis was of luetic process.
c.    Patient with 70 years of age, carrier of carcinoma espinocelular in the skin of the cervical area. Kirliangraphy: - Before and after the surgery the “fracture” i continued unaffected.
d.    Patient with 60 years of age, submitted to right hemicolectomia for tumor of the ceco, ressecation made with good margin of safety and without evidences of metastatic signs. 8 months after the surgery, it presented “fracture” in all the 20 Kirlian Photos that we took of him.

1.    The “fracture” can be a bioplasmatic factor due to the oncogenesis, it presents a great probability of being the manifestation of a lesion capable to predispose the individual to develop a malign tumor.
2.    The “myriad” and the “avalanche” are also bioplasmatic factors due to the oncogenesis
3.    The bioplasmatic factors doesn't disappear with the coming of the surgical treatment, nor with the radiotherapy nor with the chemotherapy.
4.    Kirliangraphy tries to detect the individual's predisposition to develop malign tumors antecedently to its organic appearance.
5.    An effort group is waited so that with experiences of another medical centers, we can detect a possible predisponent factor of the oncogenesis.
    This same work type was accomplished in Brasília, in the nineties, by Dr. Marcelo Souza, in the Centro de Fotografias Kirlian de Brasília, (Kirlian Photographies Center of Brasilia) with similar results, but any work was not still published on the subject by Dr. Marcelo.



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