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Dr. Sundaram,

Vrunda Janardhan Pimpalkhute


We studied the human bioenergy field by manual method and by Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) techniques to evaluate changes associated with various physiologic activities.  In the resting state, manual and GDV methods were found to be complementary in the information provided. Physical exercise resulted in closure of the ‘gaps’ in the field and increased activation of some organ areas. Meditation and chanting a prayer / mantra resulted in increased dimensions of the overall field with better balancing of fields from right and left sides. Smells of aromatic oils had varied effects. Pranic Healing, a form of energy therapy, caused changes suggesting activation of specific organ areas. in which we treat the human aura. To document the effects of our healing GDV is one of the ideal or rather “a instrument specially made for Pranic Healing”. In Addition to the aura photography, GDV helps us in deciding the exact procedure of healing process & amount of Healing done. The results of healing process and efficacy also can be ascertained exactly, immediately by GDV.



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