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Possibilities of Bioeletctrographics for investigation of energetic interaction

Possibilities of Bioeletctrographics for investigation of energetic interaction in the system “Human being – Universe

Semenihin Е.Е., Zheltyakova I.N.

Medical Academy of Spiritual Development “MADRA”
Private clinic of psychotherapy and Eastern medicine “Urusvati” (Ukraine, Dneprope-trovsk)

Gasdischarging Visualization gave to the hands of doctors perfect possibility – to see condition of energetic of patient, – after all exactly that knowledge allowed Eastern medicine  to be successful during ages and to heal  diseases , which official medicine has not succeed to cure yet.    
For example, Chinese medicine, using pulse diagnostics, has long ago derived to regularity that lack or excess of energy in organ  or meridian leads to disease inevitably.
Nowadays, owing to the equipment of Professor К.G. Korotkov, it may be availa-ble  to research not only breach of  energetics of organs, systems and organism in whole , which has been already remarkable  possibility of diagnostics not only disease but even state before disease. But tomorrow it should be necessary to make steps further and investigate reasons causing infringements in energetic status of human being and find out methodics allowing to prevent disease. Thus medical people obtain unique pos-sibility using method of bioelectrographics to proceed to the medicine of preventive treatment about which  many generations of healers have been dreaming of.
For investigation of energetic components of human being we have  used not only traditional Chinese teaching about meridians but Teaching of Agni Yoga , where was indicated as long as in 30-th of last century the following: “The study of human radia-tions will reveal vast horizons”(1).
In formerly published works , based on investigations carried on in our clinic, in international expedition “The Earth – is our common home” and investigations of doc-tors-psychiatrists, conducted together with faculty of postgraduation training of Dne-propetrovsk Medical Academy, we came to the conclusion, that, approximately eighty percent of investigating persons being got in unfavorable conditions, react by reduction of energetic potencial, turned up to be as  extremely unfavorable factor for organism leading under the terms of the repeated stresses to the  beginnings of chronical deseases.
Agni Yogi tells, that we are consisted like matreshka from physical body , soul and Spirit which are combined by mental energy.
And though our outer shells are undoubtedly mutually connected , but each of them has its own spectrum of vibrations certainly affecting one another. Our body – is like apparatus allowing us to exist in material universe. Our soul being a conductor of  the Superior God’s energies performs emotional and mental function of our organism besides that. As matter of fact our Spirit belongs not  to material but to Spiritual world being  a God’s spark in each of us. And surrounding world and Superior energyinforma-tion plans are the means of energetic replenishment and interaction.
Researches directed on the investigation of human being’s energetics were the goal of the present work , after such practice  as prayer, mantra and meditation   which favourable influence has been described in a lot of works as purely scientific and publi-cistic as well.
There was used device “GDV-Compact“ and portable computer “Toshiba” for re-searches. Such researches took place  in our out-of-town centre with volunteers who were performing task on reading aloud prayer, mantra or thirty minutes meditation dur-ing hour or thirty minutes.
There were performed 93 researches of fingers of the participants of the experi-ment hands  and after practice. Prayer was investigated with 11 volunteers, mantra – with 17, meditation – with 15. They have been acquainted only with practice of medita-tion before, but with practice of reading aloud prayer or mantra they have not been ac-quainted.
Analysis was conducted on the basis of changing total area of expose. Results of the researches are shown in the table:
All participants noted the improvement of general conditions after the end of practice, and those  who participated in thirty minutes practice of prayer noted the feeling of unfinished work. There was noted  reduction of energetics in them. Most of participants in practice of prayer and mantra noted loss of time control and were surprised when their turn to be changed came.
“Agni Yoga is not just the progressive development of human ability; it leads one to a balanced contact with the fiery cosmic energies that reach our planet at the prescribed time”(2).

1.    Present researches show that GCV-diagnostic allows to conduct objective investi-gations in the field of untraditional views on the relation “Human being – Universe”.
2.    Present work gives opportunity to start  working out untraditional methods of prophylaxis and treatment of deceases.

1.    Fiery World, III, 344
2.    Agni Yoga, 220



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