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Scenar therapy and application of GDV bioelectrography

Scenar therapy and application of GDV bioelectrography

Belogorodsky B.A.*, Sidorov G.A.*, Yantikova T.A.*, Yanovskaya E.E.**

* «Technoterm, Ltd.»
** «MEDEO» S.-Petersburg

In the course of the last year and a half with the help of analyzer Compact GDV there have been taken BEO-grams of patients with different pathologies, whose treatment included some methods of SCENAR therapy
SCENAR- self-controlling energy-neuron-adaptive regulator applies new way of dermal neuron regulation by means of changing in adaptive reaction of patients’ organisms on the base of biological reverse connection.
Adaptive regulator exerts influence on definite zones of dermis by means of impulse electric current. As a result of the latter influence the great part of nerve fibers, including C- fibers, activates. Numerous neuronleptic groups, being chemical intermediates (neuron-mediates) in these fibers, provide different biological functions together with the other humoral factors.
Use of SCENAR is prescribed for treatment of different diseases on their different stages without special medical treatment or with reduction of prescribed doses.
Devices of different types have been applied in alternative medicine for more than 10 years. The following modifications have been used with medical purposes: SCENARO32A, SCENAR 97,4, DENAS.
The basic principles of its function make it possible to carry on diagnosing, despite the fact that this procedure takes much time and demands high qualification of SCENAR therapist. Volumes of information obtained with the help of different types of devices vary greatly.
Taking into account all these facts we can point out that the use of GDV method in forming diagnosis in the course of SCENR treatment is undoubtedly interesting.
The total number of patients who took SCENAR treatment is 320 people. During their treatment we used gas discharge visualization method in order to make precise diagnoses.
BEO-grams were taken before, in the course of and at the end of treatment.
The majority of our patients got SCENAR therapy by means of DENAS device. In the course of our research we found clear correlation between BEO-grams and diagnostic readings of SCENAR.
At static GDV survey rate we took GDV-grams from10 fingers and analyzed the obtained data with the help of the following software programs: “GDV Aura”, ”GDV Diagram”, ”GDV Chacra”, ”GDV Activation”.
High sensitivity and informative volume of GDV method make it possible to build up an effective algorithm of SCENAR therapy for each patient.
Exerting influence on organs with high energetic level, we manage to achieve harmonious bio-electromagnetic homeostasis quickly by means of excessive energy reduction in affected organ and by means of reduced energy increase in other organs.
GDV-gram taken after the first performance of SCENAR therapy allowed us to predict not only the length of treatment but also its results.
Further monitoring helps us to perform SCENAR treatment on time as means of prophylaxis.
The results reached in the course of our scientific research show high efficiency in the use of GDV method in SCENAR therapy.



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