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Expert system for the evaluation of functional reserves of the athlete’s organism

Expert system for the evaluation of functional reserves of the athlete’s organism

Bundzen P.V.*, Korotkov K.G.*, Krilov B.A.**, Belobaba O.I.**


Development of scientific foundations for the preparation of sport reserve is one of the main tasks in Russian sport science. This problem was outlined by the Decree of the Russian government.

“QUANTUM-PRO” system
This system was developed as a result of several international projects in St.Petersburg Research Institute of physical culture (SPbRIPC) under the leadership of professor Pavel Bundzen. His untimely death in the beginning of 2004 was a sorrowful loss for all his friends and colleagues, but his ideas were being developed by his students and confederates.
“QUANTUM-PRO” system is based on the Gas Discharge Visualization Technique (GDV bioelectrography). It allows analyzing parameters of stimulated by electromagnetic field opto-electron emission of human skin. Computer analysis generates a set of geometrical, brightness, fractal and entropy parameters. Registration of GDV-gram takes about 3 minutes for a sportsman, it is totally non-invasive, safe and may be done many times in the process of training and competition activity. Effectiveness of this system has been proven during tests with more than 2500 athletes. Results of GDV technique applications in many areas are presented in many articles and 6 books published in Russia, USA, France, Italy and Spain.

GDV technique in top-level sport
Analysis of multiple results in top-level sport allowed to distinguish a set of GDV parameters for the complex evaluation of psycho-somatic health state. These parameters are based on GDV Diagram program and are as follows:
Functional-energetic index;
Index of bilateral energy balance;
Index of energy-deficiency;
Index of energy-deficiency asymmetry.

People with high values of GDV parameters have high psycho-physical potential, resistant to stressors and, seem to have a high level of self-reestablishment after strong loads. After studding a group of athletes the program allows creating the rating table, i.e. ranging measured athletes in accordance with their energy parameters. This may be very useful in monitoring the condition and the level of training both for the sport team and for the individual athlete in time.
Operation with “QUANTUM-PRO” system
The process of measuring the GDV-grams of 10 fingers takes less than 1 minute. Saved images are loaded into the “Sport-Rating” program (fig.1). The program should be calibrated by the GDV-grams of metal test-cylinder. The name of calibration file is presented at the program panel.

Fig.1. First screen of the “Sport-Rating” program.

After processing of the GDV-grams the program creates the diagram, based on uniform division of the GDV-gram of finger to 6 equal sectors (fig.2). At this diagram one can see 5 segments corresponding to one of the fingers of the right or left hand. Each segment is divided to 6 sectors. Numeration of sectors denoted at the upper contour of the diagram includes the number of finger (from 1 to 5) and number of a sector (from 1 to 6). For example 1.1, 1.2, …. 1.6. Inside the diagram the value of JSk parameter for the particular sector is presented. In the lower part of the graph is given the value of this parameter JS for the whole hand.

Fig.2. Diagram window.
In this program it is accepted that the values JS < - 0.6 correspond to the energy-deficiency. This value is based on statistical analysis of big databases of athletes of different level. Energy-deficiency is usually correlated with the state of over-training, bad health state, psychology instability, anxiety. This is a very negative indication of athlete’s psychophysical condition.


Fig. 3. Graph Window.

Parameters JS calculated for every finger as a whole are presented as a graph (fig.3). This graph at the moment has an auxiliary character: by this graph a correlation between GDV parameters of every finger and corresponding Chinese meridians is being established. At the next step of the system development it would allow to distinguish correlations with particular psycho-physiological conditions attributed to the activity of specific Chinese meridians.
All set of parameters serves as a basis for creating the Rating Table for the studied group of athletes (fig.4).  


Fig.4. Rating Table.

In this Table athletes are listed in accordance with the following four calculated GDV parameters:
Functional-energetic index;
Index of bilateral energy balance;
Index of energy-deficiency;
Index of energy-deficiency asymmetry.

Rating Table may by saved for the further analysis. Addition of an extra subject to the program makes re-distribution of subjects at the list in accordance with added data.
This Table may be very useful for a coacher for the evaluation of the team inner rating at he given time and for the comparison of different teams with each other. At the same time for the particular athlete measured several times it may serve as an indication of relative conditions in different time moments.

Presented approach is based on many years of study in St. Petersburg Research Institute of physical culture under the guidance of professor P.V. Bundzen. It allows creating several attributes which reflect physiologically important and understandable features of athlete’s condition. Important part of this system is testing the reactions of athlete to the loading tests, both physical and psycho-emotional. The technologies of  using the tests are under development and will be presented in the nearest future.



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