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Using the method of GDV - bioelectrography

Using the method of GDV - bioelectrography in the complex estimation of the competitive reliability of the athletes-shooters from Russian juvenile national team

Ozhug N.N., Rusinov G.R.
KGUFCS&T, Russia


Success of the athlete’s appearance at the responsible competition on bullet shooting greatly depends on their psychic reliability, skills to program consciously the purposes and means of special training, to subordinate deliberately behavior and activity to taken plans.
The program of our investigation was concluded in complex using  of GDV - bioelectrography and methodologies, defining  typological characteristics of the nerve system, characteristics of personality,  locus of control, forming of realized activity self regulation. The appearances of leading athletes of the Russian juvenile national team were forecasted according to received facts. The experiment was conducted during the training gathering, before the spring bullet shooting championship of Russia in Krasnodar. In the investigation took part 43 athletes - members of the juvenile national team of Russia and assembly command of Krasnodar region.
Earlier, in works of P.V.Bundzen and K.G. Korotkov statistically was proved that patterns of discharge visualization of energy-emission processes of hand fingers of highly qualified athletes, registered in relative rest condition, differ by specific particularities. In our investigation for basic parameter, calculated according to program "GDV - Diagram" was used the "S integr" parameter, characterizing total intensity of caused energy-emission processes over all functional systems of the organism. The analysis of relation of this factor with magnitudes characterizing particularities of personal traits, forming the base for realized activity self regulation and athlete’s rating in national team, has allowed to fix realistically significant correlations with following factors: 1. The total internal index (r = 0.887); 2. The longing to success (r = 0.846); 3. The avoiding of failures (r = 0.821); 4. The rating in team (r = 0.812); 5. Achievement’s internality (r = 0.789); 6. Emotional stability (r = 0.785); 7. The total ratio of self regulation (r = 0.781); 8. Alarm (r = -0.724); 9.Tension (r = -0.711). According to received facts, were made practical recommendations on forecasting the success of the appearances of athletes from Russian juvenile national team in future competition, after which termination was organized the total analysis of the researching results.
The conclusions:
1.    Fixed statistically authentic correlative relations between factors, defining psychological reliability of the athlete, personal characteristics, factor of forming bases of self regulation and parameters of the method GDV - bioelectrography.
2.     According to data, received during the investigation, the authentic forecast of success in competitive activity of athletes-shooters is possible, with 5% level of value.
3.    The distinguishing particularities of the shooting sport from speed & power types and high dependency of effective appearances in it from the general psycho-physiological condition of the athlete points the need of deepened investigation of athletes-shooters professional activity with using methods of GDV - bioelectrography.



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