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GDV-graphy application for differentional diagnostics

Results and future prospects of GDV-graphy application for differentional diagnostics and monitoring of the treatment of lungs tuberculosis and profound of mycosis fungoides - zaaminelles

Shabaev V. P., Kolpakov N. V. (Russia),
Muminov T.A., Rakisheva A.S., Makulbaeva U.T. (Kazakstan)

In the context of new medical technologies introduction on phtisiopulmonology department Kazak State Medical University named by S.D.Asfendiarov (rector -professor Muminov T.A.) in 2001-2003 a lot of clinical trial of gas-discharging visualization (GDV) method - program-apparatus complex "Korona-TV" and new Shabaev's modification test was carried out.
As a result database on -107 patients of lungs tuberculosis was gathered, including both GDV-graphy data (exposure time-0,5 sec) and any other clinical-roentgen of verifying indices. 30 healthy and 60 diseased young people (men) and 47 patients -women were examined: 81%- tuberculosis infiltrate form, 6% - disseminate, 4% - local tuberculosis, .... Analyzing GDV-grams' changes: characterizing area of corona -integral \ sector and normalized area. Processing of this information revealed higher connection (r - 0,7 \ + 1,0) between received parameters GDV and characteristics of red and white blood, immune status and other inflammatory test.
GDV-gram changes analysis lungs and bronchus inflammation nature was carried out for 195 patients (60% - women), bearer's a profound of mycosis fungoides - P. Variotii Bainier (1907), var. Zaaminella Dechkan (1974). More marked GDV-gram changes (S integr. and local outbursts) were noted in cases with anemia, eosinophilic and neurophilic reaction in blood. These differences could be connected with different biochemical base of inflammation variants, but namely, with different degree of spareradical oxygenic processes' activation, specific features of citokines' profile and disbalance anty-\ proteolytic functions of lungs.
We concluded that GDV-gram dynamic investigation in the course of treatment can help evaluate nature of pathological process' flow, improvement or failing of the patient's state. GDV physiological mechanisms' investigation and the received results'application for diagnostics and monitoring of therapy efficiency are point at issue. A new Shabaev-Kolpakov's modification of the method GDV screening diagnosis of lungs tuberculosis and zaaminellosis can become the subject of wide international scientific co-operation.



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