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Lyapko N.G., Lutskyy I.S., Arshinova-Lyapko Yu.N., Levchenko A.Yu.
LYAPKO LLC, Donetsk State Medical University named after M.Gorky, Donetsk, Ukraine

Modern medicine is characterized by intensive development of all its directions. The second half of the 20th century was famous of the outstanding development of pharmacological science.  Though it was a paradox, an intensive growth of pharmacological industry became a strong prerequisite for restoration and return to former positions of non-drug therapy methods and human organism improvement. The modern tendency of public health service towards prophylaxis and extension of adaptive potential of human organism is closely connected with acupuncture which is one of the most ancient methods of influence upon the status of human health. Various methods of influence upon biologically active zones of skin are able to initiate deep processes, and not only in the place of application but in a human organism as a whole. One of acupuncture types is multi-needle therapy using applicators from various metals developed by N.Lyapko. The method is based upon applicators utilization which needles are manufactured of various metals traditional for classis acupuncture like copper, iron, zinc, silver and nickel. The needs are positioned on elastic rubber carrier of definite size, shape and fixation means. The difference in needle interval permits to control the influence intensity (Fig. 1). The above mentioned features contribute in improvement of the effects of multi-needle influence of which the basic ones are as follows: direct mechanical irritation of the skin receptor system, generation of low (physiological) value electric current between the needles of different metals, microelements deposit formation in the skin and arise of low intensity electric fields. Optimal sharpening of needles of MPA multi-needle applicators from various metals prevents the skin from damages thus providing a non-invasive character of influence. For static influence upon active skin zones plate applicators are utilized while for dynamic influence roll-shapes MPA units are designed.
The task of this paper is to determine the character of changes within a human organism due to influence of MPA units. The object of the study comprised 50 volunteering students of good health status 18 to 24 years old of the both sexes.  
The course of application influence included 10 applications 20 minutes each. Application was provided for three parts of body, and namely: back, rear side of neck and both feet of volunteers. The character of changes due to MPA influence with the people under investigation was evaluated using GDV method according to Korotkov. Data instrumentation was executed in the first day before applicators utilization and after the last application.
The results obtained were subject to statistic processing for connected and unconnected observations. Then the following statistic approaches were used: difference reliability was evaluated using Student’s criterion while criteria inter-relation was evaluated through correlation coefficient. To evaluate the degree of factors’ influence upon the resulting feature the dispersion analysis was used for non-orthogonal aggregates according to Plokhinskyy’s method with reliability evaluation using Fisher’s criterion.  
Volunteers with good health status after 10 day course of MPA treatment demonstrated actual improvement of data on endocrine system energy as a whole, hypothalamus  (either  with right or left hand), thoracic (both sides)  and lumbar (left) part of spinal cord, heart (left) and blood circulation (right), a jaw and nervous system (right).
The mostly decisive increment was recorded with data on lymphatic system. The data on liver (right) got actually improved, as well as appendix, ascending and transverse part of large bowels (both sides).
Energy indexes of chakra system got improved in three lower energy centers and in two upper ones. However, the data of throat chakra (the 5th, Vishuddhi), got significantly reduced. As for heart chakra (the 4th, Anahata), the reduction was negligible.
The above mentioned results demonstrate that application influence is as contribution to adaptive potential enlargement. It stimulates immunity system and has a positive influence upon exchange processes. All these factors allow the MPA units utilization for health improvement as well as for stimulation effect upon the organism through activation of reserve potential of the human nature.



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